Friday, September 18, 2020

Diabetics and sweet potatoes-are they friends?

 Do these two contradictory things go hand in hand? I mean annoying diabetes and sweet potato?

As soon as I was diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago, I was warned not even to look potatoes, especially sweet potatoes as it would increase my blood sugar.

All these u=years, I obeyed like a schoolboy. However, of late, I have been coming across health-related news in Google feed that says even diabetics can eat sweet potatoes.

The sweet potatoes with orange skin contain beta-carotene and that is an added health benefit.

In addition, its low glycemic index (GI) is in fact very good even for those who are on insulin daily!

The only thing that I am wondering is what to make of sweet potatoes? Are there recipes for sweet potatoes apart from boiling it with salt?

Read this news item regarding the latest findings of the health benefits of sweet potatoes.

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