Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Google offers money earning opportunity using mobile phone.

 Google Task Mate is still in beta testing mode. 

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Google Task Mate is an app that we can download on our mobile (not yet, folks). Understand it as a 'crowdsourcing' technology.

Those who need some task to be completed but cannot do so by themselves will post their requirement in this app. 

Task completion will be done by anyone who has the skill and time to complete the task.

From the article I read in "Business Insider", I understand the task will be given to those who are located nearby the task poster. The article says the small tasks can be posted by Google itself or businesses owned by Google.

Types of tasks:

It can either be something you do without leaving your home. This is called a 'sitting task'.

A 'field task' involves going to a location nearby shop or another landmark that you can see as a 'pin' in Google map. Maybe you can take a photo of the location or find out if there is any other facility such as parking space, etc.

Users should use their mobile phones to complete the task. Since all the tasks are done using a mobile phone, the tasks must be very simple and payment for each completed task may not be attractive.

This is just my understanding. I may be wrong.

Read the article for better understanding of Goog's Task Mate.

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